Dental Jobs

Dental Healthcare Careers in San Diego and Surrounding Communities

At Medical Resources Staffing Services, we provide a variety of opportunities for professionals to find work in the dental field. Our staffing consultants have established connections with top dental practices and facilities in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas to provide jobs for those looking for opportunities to improve the practice of dentistry.

Dental Positions We Place

Dental jobs we place include (in alphabetical order):

Dental Assistant/Registered Dental Assistant

Dental assistants help the dentist with chairside duties so that the dentist has time for more complex procedures. Common duties for dental assistants include performing X-rays, charting, taking impressions, polishing crowns and sterilizing instruments. Dental assistants can learn skills on the job or attend a dental assisting program. Registered dental assistants require state certification.

Dental Biller

Dental billers maintain current insurance practices, requirements and forms for the dental practice. Job duties include verifying that proper insurance reimbursement s are received for the dental services provided to the patient. Dental billers also process Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and follow up on past insurance claims and outstanding balances as well as document and code information as necessary.

Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists provide preventative dental care such as cleaning teeth, performing X-rays, instructing patients on proper oral hygiene and administering anesthesia under the direction of a dentist. In addition, they assess the health of the patient’s teeth and gums and record diseases or other abnormalities as necessary. Dental hygienists require state licensing and a degree from an accredited dental hygiene school.

Dental Office Manager

Dental office managers oversee the operations of the dental practice, including personnel and business office functions. Job duties include supervising office staff, overseeing or directly processing insurance claims and collecting outstanding balances. Dental office managers also maintain supply inventory, establish patient satisfaction policies and oversee compliance with recordkeeping guidelines.

Dental Receptionist

Usually the person that patients first see upon entering the office, dental receptionists serve as the face of the dental practice. Dental receptionists manage all patient relations, with job roles including greeting patients, answering phones and scheduling patient appointments. Dental receptionists may also enter patient information into the computer, verify insurance coverage and file paperwork.

Other Dental Positions

We offer other rewarding jobs in the dental field with top practices throughout San Diego and the surrounding communities. Our medical staffing consultants can put you on the right career path for your professional goals.

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Note: Data was collected from Medical Resources Staffing Services and Bureau of Labor Statistics to create the dental job descriptions on this page.