Healthcare Staffing Services

A Quality Medical Staffing Service with Customized Solutions

When it comes to your mission, we understand that providing the best products and services for patients is what matters most. Your staff serves as a reflection of your organization’s values, and drives relationships with patients and the innovation of new products and medicines that enhance peoples’ lives. At Medical Resources Staffing Services, we provide skilled candidates for clinical, science/biotechnology, healthcare administration, dental, allied health/technical and other healthcare-related jobs in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

Customized Staffing Solutions

Experience a level of commitment with Medical Resources that can’t be found elsewhere. Our customized staffing solutions mean you can bring on temporary, long-term contract employees or direct-hire candidates when you need them, and only when you need them, a cost-effective strategy to meet increased workload, patient census or other staffing requirements.

And we utilize a consultative approach with every client, focusing on creating unique staffing strategies that add the most value. We offer services such as evaluating current staff, outsourcing existing employees, assessing future staffing needs and more. As market experts, our medical staffing consultants understand the unique issues facing the medical science and healthcare industries in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. We work to accommodate your requests in line with your specific staffing needs.

Plus, as a company that focuses on healthcare employment, we understand the importance of employee credentials and compliance. We make sure our candidates meet all pre-employment and competency requirements according to your standards, so your organization’s management is able to focus on other tasks.

Our compliance services come at no cost, making us more cost-effective than outsourcing tasks little by little or working through a VMS. Why pay an intermediary when you can deal directly with the source of qualified personnel? And our longstanding relationships in the community means our established talent pool is always growing, so we can connect you to top performers with proven records of accomplishment.

Quality, Guaranteed

Because our candidates are representing your company, we understand they should share the same passion for improving patients’ lives. At Medical Resources, you can rest assured you’re receiving skilled and talented professionals who match your needs — we guarantee it.

Our medical staffing consultants get to know candidates on a personal level to determine if they are the best fit for your position. Our screening methods focus on reference checks, license verification, skills testing and finally, an in-depth interview to assess overall fit and to identify the most qualified candidate for your job.

Our temporary and direct-hire placements are backed with gold-standard replacement and money-back guarantees. It’s our way of proving our commitment to quality talent, and is the reason why so many top healthcare providers and related organizations turn to us for all their staffing needs.

A Healthy Dose of Back-Office Services

Medical Resources Staffing Services provides a number of back-office services for efficient solutions to your toughest business problems so you can concentrate on providing first-rate care and developing innovative, high-quality biomedical solutions.

The back-office services we offer include electronic timekeeping, payroll processing, application tracking, customized testing and more. We can also help provide candidate orientations of your facility and assist with pre-employment immunization, drug screen and other healthcare requirements to help you save your organization valuable time and money.

Plus, our affiliation with The Eastridge Group of Staffing Companies founded in 1972 by Robert Svet, means we have a wealth of other services that promote business growth. You gain connections to our legal expertise, employment law updates, healthcare roundtable discussions and other educational events. And we stay current with the local healthcare marketplace. Our knowledge allows us to provide insight on healthcare staffing issues, including current salaries, market trends, industry regulations and more.

If you’re in need of staffing services for other positions within your medical facility, whether it’s information technology, human resources, rehabilitation therapy, pharmacy or something else, we’re able to connect you with expert recruiters in other Eastridge divisions who can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Our medical staffing consultants are ready to help you find the talent needed to continue providing patients with high-quality care. Begin your search for skilled healthcare professionals.