Comprehensive Staffing Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Customized Services for Your Specific Medical Business Needs

At Medical Resources Staffing Services, we are available on-demand to connect our healthcare clients to the quality professionals they need. We work with outpatient and ambulatory care facilities, private practices, reference and biotech laboratories, medical billing offices and hospital clinical and administrative departments to solve daily workforce and back-office issues.

With 17 years of experience in the professional medical sector, Medical Resources’ team of staffing consultants knows everything there is to know about the various healthcare settings and unique staffing issues our clients face daily. Our case studies are a testament of how we’ve helped clients resolve their toughest business problems.

Workforce Remedies for What Ails You

Experiencing a shortage of staff during a census spike? Looking for personnel to assist in clinical trials? Need experienced employees to fill last-minute sick or vacation requests? Our staffing consultants understand the demands of the healthcare market and are committed to providing cost-effective staffing solutions to address common workforce concerns. From staff-level to management-level personnel, we provide top talent for a variety of jobs in the medical field.

Our services include:

  • Temporary staffing. Hire candidates only when you need them. Temporary staffing is a cost-effective strategy that allows clients to cut on costs associated with direct-hire employees.
  • Long-term contract staffing. Similar to temporary staffing, long-term contract assignments allow you to hire candidates for longer trials, studies and other temporary projects.
  • Temporary-to-hire staffing. Work with candidates on a temporary basis before making a commitment to hire as a regular employee. This allows you to make sure they’re a good fit for your team and to assess how they perform on the job, not just in an interview. During this introductory period, the employee remains on our payroll, offering you a degree of flexibility and protection you wouldn’t have if you were to hire directly.
  • Direct-hire staffing. Put our medical staffing consultants to work when you opt for direct hire. We evaluate your needs and utilize a thorough screening process to find the right addition to your staff. All this at no cost to you until you decide to hire one of our candidates. Additionally, our candidates are backed by exclusive placement guarantees – something you can’t count on when hiring a candidate from an advertisement.

Because we’re well established in the San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas markets, we have developed pipelines and applicant pools which enable us to place candidates with very little notice. We open at 7 a.m. and operate extended business hours to respond to your urgent requests immediately. That means you can easily access our medical staffing consultants to begin working on your assignment request right away, ensuring patient care or product deadlines won’t suffer.

And our consultative staffing approach means every service we offer adds value to your business. Some additional offerings include evaluating current staff, assessing future staffing needs, outsourcing existing employees and more.

Discovering the Best Healthcare Talent

Founded in 1991, Medical Resources is deeply rooted in the community. We’ve built an extensive network of the most qualified medical personnel – including those who are actively and passively looking for new jobs – who have the skills and experience to promote success within your business.

Our medical staffing consultants use consistent, comprehensive recruiting methods and a meticulous placement process to discover top healthcare talent with experience and proven records of success. We screen every candidate to assess their skills, abilities and other professional qualities in order to make client-candidate matches that fit on every level.

As a company that focuses on healthcare employment, we understand the importance of employee credentials and compliance. We work with JCAHO-accredited hospitals and administer nationally validated assessments to our employees. We make sure candidates fulfill your credentialing and pre-employment requirements before they are sent to you. Additionally, our advanced electronic recordkeeping ensures you can count on our accuracy and accountability.

We’re so sure about the client-candidate matches we make that we back all of our candidates with competitive replacement and money-back guarantees.

Extended Back-Office Services

We’re always finding creative ways to reach out to our clients. Our affiliation with The Eastridge Group of Staffing Companies allows us to offer extended services as an effort to cater to all your workforce and business needs. We’ll equip you with back-office solutions to save you time, money and help your company run efficiently.

Our back-office services include:

  • Timekeeping
  • Applicant tracking
  • Payroll processing
  • Customized testing/training/orientation
  • Access to legal expertise

And if you’re looking for specialized talent to fill other positions within your organization, you can take advantage of other Eastridge divisions that focus on recruiting for information technology, human resources, pharmacy, physical and occupational therapy and more.

Discover qualified professionals in the healthcare industry who are committed to advancing medical care. Submit a job request to our medical staffing consultants.